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The next Folk Music Weekend at Savio House will take place on 2nd - 4th May, 2003. Prices are £81.25, and £68.88 for the unwaged. This includes bed linen and offers a very high standard of food. If you can't come in May, the next weekend is scheduled for 19th- 21st September. A further weekend has also been provisionally arranged for the following may.

For a first-hand first-impression of what the weekends are like, please take a look at Glynne Davies' site, where he gives his impressions of the last weekend - click here.

If you would like to receive further, even more specific, details about the forthcoming Folk Music Weekend, please e-mail me via or you could also give me a call on 01524 847578.

If you'd like to come but can't find Bollington, click here for details of how to get to Savio.

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