A Message from your new Site Manager.

Hello Everyone -

As you can see, we've got a brand spanking new website for IGAS. Most of the material at present is what was previously online at www.igas.org.uk, but that's going to be changing as time goes on. We've already put up a gallery of pictures from last May's weekend (more pictures from this and other weekends are on the way) and Derek's sent another (!!!) page especially for enthusiasts of the Banjo.

And after that?

Well, that's up to you. We want to make this into the best site we can possibly have, and for that to happen we're going to need lots of stuff to put in and make it interesting, and to give people a good idea of what the Folk Music Weekends and IGAS are all about. So if you've got any words, pictures, or anything at all that you think should be up here, then send it to me. If you have anything that could be scanned in (old newspaper articlaes, photos, anything that isn't already on a computer) then send me an e-mail and we'll sort something out. Basically, if you think it's a good idea then let me know about it!

So please have a good look around the site, and please keep coming back - hopefully there'll be a lot more to see as time goes on.


Paddy Garrigan