Bollington May 2003

Photographs taken by Glynne Davies


Jan Fish
Kath McCarron
Sally Bosson
Liz Cainen
Cath Cainen
Andy Humphrey
Judy Hinks
Arthur Laidlaw
Linda Laidlaw
Lucy Hinks
Mike Taylor
Helen Taylor
Fay Taylor

In residence for Bollington 22 were:

Ros Reid
Edward Cainen
Joe Cainen
Kath Whittaker
Sheila Whittaker
Derek Style
Glynne Davies
Winifred Bogue
Sarah Edge
Alan Eccleshall
Chris Eccleshall


Paddy Garrigan
Ian Jesse
Sue Hancell
Mike Martin
Johnny Pauline
David Eccleshall
Leslie Rogers
Pam Parrot
Michael Coyle
Anne Cole
Frank Cole
Jan Martin
Terry McCarron
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Dancing in the foyer at Savio (as you may have guessed from the banner). Dancers include Jan Martin, Andy Humphrey, Anne Cole and Mike Taylor.
Derek Style accompanies the dancing on his accordian whilst looking appropriately anxous about the state of the dancers!
Saturday lunchtime at Savio. Too many people here to name one by one.
From left: Ian Jesse, Sally Bosson, Paddy Garrigan and Mike Martin.
Edward Cainen
Sarah Edge
Jan Martin performs, whilst Michael Coyle looks pensive.
This time, Michael Coyle performs whilst it's Jan's turn to look thoughtful!
From left: Arthur Laidlaw, Helen Taylor, Mike Taylor and Fay Taylor's head (bottom right).
Kath McCarron
From left: Ian Jesse, Mike Martin and Sue Hancell.
From left: Sally Bosson, Ian Jesse and Sue Hancell.
Paddy Garrigan
Kathryn McCarron and Derek Style

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