One of my very, numerous, favourite activities is travel. A few years ago, I realised that I hadn't been getting out and about quite as much as I like, and I began to think about taking up some sort of "hobby", if you will. I asked friends for advice, but, no matter what they suggested, it never quite matched up to my own ideas, I guess I'm what they call "a bit of a perfectionist". I wanted something that would suit me right down to the ground, and, much as I know how people love stamp collecting, cycling, photography, cock fighting or just good old fashioned vandalism, (and, believe you me, I've tried my hand at all of them!) none of them really seemed like "me".

The Author, yesterday

Then, suddenly, out of the blue, someone suggested I take a year or two out and go travelling. I thought, hey, why not? A few phone calls later, and I was on my way. It was great seeing all of those places again, like Australia, Norway, Argentina and Iceland. What an afternoon I had that day! It was only as I sat back in my own home that I realised that, being omnipotent, this was the perfect pursuit for me. For all that time, the answer had been looking me directly in the face - I had always been a traveller. I suppose that I had just never realised it before.

Some popular destinations

Of course, being omnipotent has it's advantages: there's nothing better, when you're stuck in some queue at an airport, than realising that you're already on the plane, at your chosen hotel, at your destination and down the boozer with the boys, simultanaeously. It's what some people call "the best of both worlds", really. And, should I begin to feel that my excursions have been a little bit solitary, there's always the comforting thought that, right at that moment, I am also in bed with thousands of beautiful people all over the world.

Of all the places I have been, I would have to say that I particularly like Israel. I've always gotten a great welcome there, and I particularly like the churches and so forth. It saddens me to see all of the fighting going on there; I bet whoever is responsible for that feels a bit ashamed of themselves, and so they should.

All in all, I must say I love travelling. Aeroplanes have made the world so much smaller, and I'm sure we're all grateful for that. I love looking out the window and seeing something great, like one of the Pyramids, or something. Once, I was stood next to Barbara Streisand at Niagara Falls. I couldn't believe it! She just turned around and said, "It's good here, isn't it ?" And I looked, and I saw that it was good. And I was pleased.

A Waterfall expert

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